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George and Brian are two guys who have been to hell and back.  Now they use their life experiences to help others. They believe the world is in need of serious reform in the recovery space, including how we view addiction, mental health, suicide, trauma, and faith.  With their experience along with an amazing network of devoted people and organizations that are ready fight this battle.


Mission: Changing the way the world looks at recovery from addiction, mental health, trauma, suicidal thoughts and the role faith plays in how we heal.

Vision: To see the world set free through the power of connection by becoming a more empathetic and loving society. 

We are here to change the message of shame and separation that currently surrounds anyone in recovery, especially those  affected by addiction, mental health struggles or suicidal thoughts. The truth is we are all in need of recovery from something, and rather than hiding let's bring recovery to the forefront of our lives so that we can all begin to heal. We aim to make hope and recovery accessible to all those in need and educating communities how to walk alongside those struggling with addiction, mental health and suicidal thoughts. We seek to rebuild the message of recovery, finding the intersection of an authentic faith that looks like Jesus,  and science in order to walk in radical freedom. Ultimately, we want to help all those who don't know who they are find their true identities as beloved sons and daughters.

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Recovery Different

Trauma-informed faith-based recovery is an approach that integrates spiritual beliefs and practices with the principles of trauma-informed care. It recognizes the importance of the individual's story. Trauma can impact the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. This recovery emphasizes safety, trustworthiness, community, collaboration, and empowerment, while also respecting the individuals healing journey.

Core Values
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Core Values

  • Science and faith working together give the sick and suffering the best chance at finding life again.

  • Community, using empathy, inclusion, and love to change cultural norms around addiction and mental health.

  • Hope and recovery should be accessible to all who seek a new beginning. The drug war was a huge mistake and it is still happenning today, we are in need of massive drug policy reform.

  • A trauma informed look at both faith and recovery give the best chance at living like Jesus.

  • Connection is the answer to the majority of the addiction, mental health problems and suicidal thoughts that exist today.​

  • Recovery IS for everyone!

  • Identifying people as the creation that God made them to be rather than what they struggle with.


  • Creating Awareness through Social Media Platforms, the Sober Truth Podcast along with Upcoming books Livestreams/webinars

  • Educating Individuals Educating on the importance of seeing addiction, mental health, suicidal thoughts, and trauma differently, it is a societal problem not just the individuals.

  • Equipping Individuals Equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to help others, as well as those struggling to overcome their struggles and lead fulfilling lives.

  • Empowering Individuals I aim to empower individuals to share their stories and experiences with others, creating a community of support and understanding.

  • Trauma Consulting Guiding people through helping family members and friends through the process of addiction, mental health, suicide and trauma.



We believe we are all beloved children of God, cherished in every aspect. Our belief in Him should drive us to seek His guidance, for we know that through Him, the mysteries of life will be revealed to us. He has a unique dream for all of our lives,  filled with abundant blessings and unwavering peace. We firmly believe that God genuinely cares for us all and understands the desires of our hearts. His presence is as close as the air that we breathe.




A new formation changes everything. We see a healthy one is a unique and empowering process designed to guide you on a profound journey of self-discovery, inner healing, and spiritual growth. In this sacred space, you will embark on a path of self-awareness and connection with the divine, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom, purpose, and authentic self.

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