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Brian Layne

Successful Business Owner-Mindfullness Coach-Personal Consultant

COO Sober Truth Project

Brian and Jen


Brian Layne is a highly accomplished business owner, mindfulness consultant, trusted business and personal consultant. With a profound understanding of the mind-body connection, Brian has dedicated years to studying and harnessing its power. He has been privileged to coach and consult with notable personalities, including celebrities, musicians, influencers, and clergy, empowering them to cultivate their inner world, overcome obstacles, and excel in their craft.

Passionate about helping individuals realize their full potential, Brian finds great fulfillment in guiding everyday people toward achieving their goals and discovering meaning and purpose in their lives. His expertise extends to supporting individuals in recovery from trauma, addiction, and toxic behavioral patterns, leveraging his personal journey of overcoming addiction and trauma to inspire and guide others.

Brian's approach to recovery and healing is holistic, addressing the whole person rather than just symptoms. He emphasizes the importance of community, self-love, mercy, and forgiveness and teaches mindfulness and effective meditation techniques. One of his unique teaching methods is "Creating Space for Change," which enables individuals to break free from limiting patterns and embrace transformation.

A firm believer in the power of faith and spirituality, Brian experienced a transformative spiritual awakening that liberated him from drug addiction, setting him on a path of healing from his childhood trauma and the trials of street life. He understands the complexities of navigating the aftermath of addiction and trauma, remarking, "Getting off the drugs was the easy part; dealing with the trauma and learning how to live again is where it gets tricky."

Brian's dedication to continuous learning drives him to constantly explore more effective ways of helping others become self-sufficient and live in harmony with their communities. He is currently working on a book that encapsulates his life experiences and the profound insights he has gained along his journey.

A true advocate for an empowered lifestyle, Brian's love for both God and people radiates through his work. In addition to his independent endeavors, he has partnered with The Sober Truth Project alongside George Wood, combining their expertise to create positive change in addiction, mental health, and trauma recovery.

Brian and Jen family
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